Final Fantasy XVI Revealed The Game By Director Hiroshi Takai And Producer Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI Revealed The Game By Director Hiroshi Takai And Producer Naoki Yoshida.  

MMOBEEP heard that Final Fantasy XVI is going to happen! It turns out Square-Enix is continuing its front runner collection. We’re all shocked. The disclose today was a four-minute trailer for the game in addition to an article on the main PlayStation website, revealing the game by director Hiroshi Takai and also producer Naoki Yoshida themselves.

Little is known about the game beyond the title and also the trailer right now. Yoshida specifies that he is delighted to do even more with FFXIV in addition to creating FFXVI, but it is remarkable that Takai additionally has experience on Final Dream XI. The trailer’s limited gameplay teases reveal only a young man fighting creatures in what appears to be real-time combat, yet no interface aspects are shown. The apparent protagonist is not also offered a name. While the game does not have the “online” branding of the previous MMO access and might well be a single-player title, at this point, all we can do is watch the trailer as well as wait for even more details concerning the current game plan for PC and also PlayStation 5.

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