Final Fantasy XIV one time password, made easy by Square Enix by enabling more authenticator software for the process


Final Fantasy XIV one time password made easy by Square Enix by enabling more authenticator software for the process.

You can now add a one-time password for your Square-Enix account to access Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XI, or even both of them. A one-time password is a good and sensible security measure. And now it’s more straightforward to do even if you’re not intrigued in making use of the Square-Enix software token app possible for your phone or the physical security token. Alternatively, you can use either the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator apps to enter your one-time password that way.

Suppose you already have the Square-Enix application or the physical authenticator. In that case, you won’t be able to use this tool to your appropriate account, so you’ll need to remove those first if you’d favor having your one-time passwords consolidated into one application. But if you don’t have a token? You can just set up and go for each game or both simultaneously, with all the likewise profits of designating a one-time-password. 

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