Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard Restoration Last Part Released With Patch 5.41


Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard Restoration Last Part Released With Patch 5.41.

If you’ve been anticipating some new content in Final Fantasy XIV, sadly, you are gonna have to keep waiting past patch 5.41, which has just launched. The focus is uniquely on finishing the restoration of Ishgard’s Firmament. 

That means new recipes for the last tier of repair, new items to be gathered within the Diadem, and recent weather filling that set of flying islands as you steadily gather new things.

Fortunately, all of this effort will be rewarded with new mounts, emotes, and minions as you craft and turn in your products for restoration. This also means that the final set of rankings have begun, with the final tally scheduled for January 21st. 

If you want to demonstrate that you’re the most skilled crafter on your server, here’s your last occasion to get that first-place ranking and be acknowledged as a Saint of the Firmament

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