Final Fantasy XI’s ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign will begin on June 11

The newest campaign for Final Fantasy XI, called “Beat the Heat”, will begin on June 11 MMOBEEP found out. 

The event is scheduled to end on June 30 at 7:59 a PDT. Promoted as an equipment booster project, several drop rates as well as benefits are modified. As an example, seal and also crest obtain rates will be increased. Additionally, hunting specific monsters will reward you certain things you needed to craft +2 empyrean equipment.

Delve will receive modifications too, generating double Mweya Plasm. Furthermore, all Walk of Echoes content has Surge Walks during this event. When you finish Records of Eminence objectives as well as hunting beasts, your unity accolades will become twice as much.

Additionally, entering Dynamis will automatically generate you all of the granules of time types. Probably most importantly, the Chocobo excavating ability will have a greater possibility of raising
every single time you use it with your Chocobo.

More details can be found here

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