Final Fantasy XI preps for big campaigns in early February

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI preps for big campaigns in early February. 

MMOBEEP found out that the upcoming major update for Final Fantasy XI is due in early February, with more Voracious Resurgence content along with Odyssey updates. They are also planning a series of enhancement campaigns starting on February 11th. The campaigns last one week before getting into even higher gear with more significant enhancements for players.

For example, from February 11th through the 18th, Alter Egos will have their maximum HP and MP values increased along with improved resistance to status effects. From February 19th on, everything we mentioned above will still be accurate, but Alter Egos will also fully recover their HP one time if they lose all of their HP in combat.

There are many rewards that players can get throughout the campaign period in February; check out the full rundown and be sure to schedule some time in Vana’diel during the month.

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