Final Fantasy XI Odyssey New Boss For The Area Will Be Added This January


Final Fantasy XI Odyssey New Boss For The Area Will Be Added This January.

MMOBEEP found out that the January version update for Final Fantasy XI comes close, and it’s bringing some new bosses

Precisely, it’s adding new boss areas to Odyssey starring some powerful and smart monsters to face veteran players, with veteran adventurers having plenty of chances to emerge victorious with even greater rewards. A case wherein the best approach might be to just rush in and take the bull by the horns, in other words.

Speaking of taking the bull by the horns, one of the new Ambuscade fights for the month involves precisely that. This month’s Ambuscade fights (one of which is a hard-hitting bull) are less gimmick-based than last month, so players are prompted to join in and just spam their abilities. The update also brings some enhancements to the novice network, so players, both new and old, are encouraged to hop in.

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