Fatshark Is Sorry for WH40K Darktide’s Launch and Will Take Time In Order to Fix it

WH40K Darktide

Fatshark Is Sorry for WH40K Darktide’s Launch and Will Take Time In Order to Fix it.

MMOBEEP found out that Developer Fatshark has announced in an open letter that the team “fell short” and will utilize the following few months solely concentrating on handling problems within the game.

What this implies for the game is that seasonal content rollout will be delayed until they have prepared these fixes. More Premium cosmetics will also be added once these fixes are done. They’re thinking of adding content and fixing issues from community feedback to build the game’s footing so that players desire to spend more time playing it. This indicates that the already postponed console launch will be postponed even further, but if things go well, the results should be a more enjoyable gameplay experience. 

Some of what they intend to work on comprise of “a complete crafting system, a better progression loop, and … game stability and performance optimization”. 

Eventually, the roadmap will have to be updated and wholly revamped since Fatshark’s short-term focus will be on improving the game and “getting it to where it should be.” This note was added to today’s patch notes. In the remainder of the opening, since they’re toiling to readjust all of their plans, they guarantee a revised roadmap will come, but there’s no estimation on when. So instead, they focus on fixing the game and choosing when they think they can complete the job. 

Today’s patch is entirely about fixes and involves everything from weapons to enemies to abilities and several crash fixes. 

Read the patch notes over at Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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