EverQuest 2 New Update Reignite The Flames

EverQuest 2 New Update Reignite The Flames.  

MMOBEEP heard that Daybreak had released an all-new episode for EverQuest II this week, taking players to unidentified parts of Norrath to protect the Dragon Lord Nagafen’s lair from an attack and also securing Solusek’s Eye. The update Reignite the Flames concentrates on content for players level 120 and above, including Heroic and Raid challenges, consisting of a return to the Plane of War.

Players will be able to discover the brand-new content through four brand-new adventure quests and also a bunch of brand-new side quests, in addition to the formerly stated dungeons. 2 raid dungeons include Fabled Plane of War and Solusek’s Eye. There’s also a heroic dungeon linked to Soluek’s Eye.

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