EVE Online Player Heist Worth $60,000 Worth in Items

MMOBEEP discovered that one player in EVE Online has managed to pull over a heist of over $60,000 worth of items.

According to PC Gamer, Sulley (the player in-game name) spent a full month to organize a “plunder race” which implied the looting of 32 player-owned stations. They were located in Hisec.

A lot of these stations had various products of value. Nonetheless, it appears that on June 2, Sulley and his team got lucky at a Raitaru station. This station was in the possession of a player corporation called Future Tech Industries. This led Sulley and his team to a memorable amount of loot of 4 trillion ISK. This translates into almost 60,000 dollars in real life.

This sort of heist was possible because of some fresh modifications made to EVE Online by designer CCP regarding the mechanics of player-built space stations. Hats off to Sulley and also the crew.

In case you did not know, CCP disclosed that 2 unique in-game events will be starting on June 9, called Celebration Storm as well as Lightning Strikes.

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