EVE Online Native Mac Client Will Be Released For Testing This Week


EVE Online Native Mac Client Will Be Released For Testing This Week. 

MMOBEEP found out that EVE Online is testing its EVE Online native mac client for macOS machines this week, encouraging Singularity players to assist them in finding problems within the client.

The macOS will be launching this week on April 15th till April 21st on EVE Online’s test server, Singularity. The EVE Online team emphasizes that the macOS client isn’t a complete product but that the test’s goal is to identify pressing issues that could stop the client from working correctly at full launch.

“At the end of 2020, we posted the news that we would be making a native EVE client for macOS. We are now excited to announce the dates for our first public playtest! The playtest will take place between April 15th and April 21st on our test server, Singularity. As with the 64bit client, your participation would be invaluable in helping the team create a stronger technical foundation for EVE to continue setting it up for its third decade. A native Mac Client means a better experience for existing macOS players and will, also, bring new players to New Eden.”

One point to note is that the macOS client will utilize extra space than the current client on Mac, though CCP Games says when the whole native client officially drops, it’ll be the same size as the Wine client right now.

EVE Online just recently launched a brand new update introducing brand new landmarks and renewing existing ones. Additionally, today marked the release of sweeping industry changes that the team has been teasing for quite a while.

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