EVE Online Is Doing Its 20th Anniversary Mosaic By Filling it with its Players

EVE Online

EVE Online Is Doing Its 20th Anniversary Mosaic By Filling it with its Players.

EVE Online is commemorating 20 years this year, and the festivities’ main feature will have the devs aiming to create a mosaic filled with the capsuleers who helped make those 20 years possible.

Players can be included in the mosaic celebrating the capsuleers noted in New Eden’s history by logging in till March 22nd and finishing three challenges. The challenges are standard, such as the Skilling Spree, Mining Blitz, or the Skillers in the Abyss contests that EVE occasionally does. However, you’ll have to achieve the challenges and verify through an email sent to your account within a couple of days to be included in the mosaic.

The mosaic is being prepared to honor 20 years of EVE Online, with a digital version arriving this May when the MMO becomes 20. Players who complete the trek to Iceland later this year for EVE Fanfest will see a nice little sneak peek and find themselves in its full glory as the mosaic will be made real for the event.

In other EVE Online news, a new Scope video was published emphasizing the contemporary struggles of the in-game NPC empires amid all the factional warfare seething throughout New Eden. Currently, the in-universe newscast is subject to a scandal that has broken between the Amarr and Caldari factions and activities in the beleaguered Intaki system. 

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