EVE Online Invasion Sets The Map On Fire While New Ships Are Arriving Soon

EVE Online Invasion Sets The Map On Fire While New Ships Are Arriving Soon.

MMOBEEP found out that the Invasion event of the past month has spilled across the whole game map, with many systems being encompass with the tug-o-war in between the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM. While CCP is extremely happy with how the event is proceeding, it is maintaining a close eye on the process to ensure that stuff doesn’t get crazy.

The company answered some FAQ that deals with some of the concerns that players are having, including uncertainty over why Triglavian allies can lower safety and security response time yet EDENCOM pilots can’t raise it.

“The Triglavians are attacking New Eden and their existence in our cluster is triggering these adjustments.”

clarified CCP.

“EDENCOM as well as their supporters are defending the status quo. There are no strategies currently to modify this dynamic.”

CCP intends to keep the involvement with the Invasion event soaring, which is why their are planning 2 extra events for the rest of the month. There’s a daily reward event that’s starts on June 9th and will end on 15th that will rewards players with free skill points and booster boxes, followed by another event for the rest of the month that will certainly be linked right into three new EDENCOM ships  expected to be released soon.

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