EVE Online Industry Changes Are Coming In April Update


EVE Online Industry Changes Are Coming In April Update. 

MMOBEEP found out that some significant developments are arriving in the industry side of EVE Online beginning this April. The plan is to reorganize and improve the conditions needed for manufacturing ships of all types. The main focus is being put into Tier I ships in this improvement and the resource necessities of battleships, capitals, and super capitals.

Because of its size, the Eve Online industry changes update is released in two parts. The first part will ensure everyone has a passage to the components needed and improving the blueprint materials.

Players can also glance forward to a lot more Mycoserocin gas as that’s growing a far more often needed material, with both lowsec and null-sec regions gaining brand new clouds to collect. And there is one more update due in April as well. With EDENCOM modules growing less material-intensive to manufacture, average bounties were built for the dynamic bounty system. Check out the full preview

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