EVE Online Grand Heist Update Released To The Singularity Test Server


EVE Online Grand Heist Update Released To The Singularity Test Server.

MMOBEEP found that EVE Online players might start becoming bank robbers due to the upcoming Grand Heist update. As a result, players will be getting an opportunity to crack open a safe and get away with some loot.

With this EvE Online Grand Heist update, players will be capable of seeking out eight various types of keys that can be utilized on an Encounter Surveillance System (ESS). Every key has an identical quadrant of the map where it can be utilized and the duration it will hold the reserve bank open. The longer an ESS is open, the larger the payout, but doing so will inform the whole region of the action. Having the ESS open for too long will ultimately see the take drop until it turns off after the duration period.

As for obtaining said keys, that will require encroachment into the Secure Commerce Commission’s secure key storage sites protected in lowsec space. Players should be informed that there are particular restrictions to ship numbers and classes allowed into one of these sites. Overall, some foresight and forward planning will be needed if capsuleers are looking to get into a life of robbery. Players can look at further details in the announcement post.

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