EVE Online Focus To Decrease The Visual Usage Throughout EVE Larger Battles


EVE Online Focus To Decrease The Visual Usage Throughout EVE Larger Battles. 

MMOBEEP heard that EVE Online had added a brand-new feature on the video game’s test server that has included an option that shuts off the 3-D visuals, leaving just the game’s UI aspects on screen.

This brand-new feature aims to decrease the visual use throughout EVE’s more massive battles, making the video game a bit less laggy to play during such occasions, especially with the present disputes happening in the game. “This alternative is meant for just the most difficult situations, but as we all know, EVE is everything about severe circumstances and also with battles raving, every Frame counts,” said EVE’s brand name director CCP Goodfella. “We expect being stunned by the innovative ways in which our community accepts this feature!”

MMO blogger Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob has made a very detailed summary of the changes, including the before-and-after shots.

Meanwhile, those who want to get caught up on other things happening in New Eden, we have got another episode of EVE Pulse to do so; we’ve got the vid below.

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