EVE Online Explosive Velocity Update Brings Big Changes To Torpedoes


EVE Online Explosive Velocity Update Brings Big Changes To Torpedoes. 

At MMOBEEP, we think that in EVE Online, you would enjoy the feeling of seeing that your torpedoes did some irreparable severe damage. You would like to know that the EvE Online  Explosive Velocity Update on November 24th will also make XL torpedoes boost missile velocity, explosion velocity, and damage.

XL torpedoes are receiving an increase in explosion velocity, damage, and missile velocity, with all other torpedoes, also having their missile velocities and explosion increased and explosion radius decreased.

This upcoming update will bring some adjustments to multiple ships; for example, “the Phoenix” will have its power grid and CPU budget increased to improve its overall utility.

The Moros will be more like the other Dreadnoughts when it comes to damage and tanking. Check out the summary of the adjustments on the official site.

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