EVE Online Explains How To Use Its Player Market In Their Latest Video


EVE Online Explains How To Use Its Player Market In Their Latest Video.

MMOBEEP found out that in a brand new video meant for the brand new players of EVE Online, CCP Games are giving a quick rundown on how players can utilize the in-game regional market in EVE Online to obtain some currency.

The video is a portion of CCP’s plan to ensure that the MMO is more friendly to brand new players and prepare them as part of its EVE Academy initiative. The newest video, Trading for Profit, explains how players can use whatever they have excavated, plundered, or otherwise obtained in their experiences beyond the star systems of New Eden and turn into currency.

In a post on Steam, CCP specifically talks about Jita 4-4, one of the biggest trading hubs in the whole game, but of course, they say that it’s not the single place to get some money;

“Accessing the market to buy or sell items is very simple. The regional market can be opened straight from your Neocom, where sell orders are displayed above buy orders alongside graphs of price history, quantity, and trading volume per day. Sell orders are other Capsuleers offering to sell their items for ISK, and buy orders serve as the opposite – pilots putting down ISK in advance if you have the right item to sell to them.”

You can take a look at the brand new video in the embed below. As part of its Gateway quadrant, EVE Online’s new goals are mainly on brand new players who have just started playing the MMO over the last few months. Since the start of 2020, EVE Online witnessed an inrush of 2 million brand new pilots coming into New Eden, while the cumulative number of lifetime pilots surpasses 24 million capsuleers and just recently launched on the Epic Games Store. Additionally, gateway significantly changes how skills are given to players with its brand new Skill Plans screen and overhauls to the New Player Experience.

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