Eve Online Drone Aggression Interesting Changes Coming This December


Eve Online Drone Aggression Interesting Changes Coming This December.

MMOBEEP found out that in their latest forum post, CCP has revealed that they will be improving EVE Online Drone Aggression. There are some speculations that this update is a way to stop botting in their game.

This announcement was posted on the forums by CCP Paradox, which discusses the changes which are upcoming to Eve Online. Drone behavior pertains to NPCs; this update changes it from auto-attacking NPC enemies; you gotta give them direct orders so they can attack.

“Drones will, therefore, no longer automatically engage NPCs when their operation is set to aggressive and rather will rely on player-issued instructions to initiate action against a chosen target. We are making this change to guarantee that NPC killing activities move closer towards observant player interactions and rely much less on low or no awareness gameplay.”

CCP states that player targets will also be automatically engaged if you’re attacked, so you don’t have to start spamming targets for your drones, but only ships. Drones aren’t allowed to auto-engage structures or player-owned starbase modules or weapons. 

Keeping up with the CCP’s grander theme for 2020 they will introduce more risk into New Eden and an improvement to help combat botting and AFKers. With all brand new features, players who have to comment on the post have a mixed amount of people who are upset or happy about the change. 

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