EVE Online Concludes A Series Of Competitive Proving Ground Events

EVE Online Concludes A Series Of Competitive Proving Ground Events. 

MMOBEEP found out that The Champions of the Abyss event will include a collection of three different PvP faceoffs in the Proving Grounds throughout Quadrant 3, each with unique rules like a five-player destroyer free-for-all or a 2v2 fight including Tech One combat, attack, and disruption cruisers. Players rack up a point on a leaderboard for each win in these events, withdraws, or losses not affecting the final score.

The top 10 players will get 1,000 PLEX and also a unique medal, while the top five get a postage-free $50 order from the merch store as well as their names on an in-game billboard. Besides, the top 3 players will additionally get a ship design of their choice from Mixed Dimensions.

In other EVE Online news, there’s yet an additional episode of The scope which concentrates on the Triglavian invasion battlefront instead of the player-run World War Bee II for whatever reason.

If that sort of information it’s interesting to you, then you can watch the video below.

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