EVE Online Bastion Of War Update Is Bringing The Damage


EVE Online Bastion Of War Update Is Bringing The Damage. 

MMOBEEP found out that EVE Online’s newest Reign quadrant update will include some brand further adjustments to the damage and Marauders in EVE Online with its Bastions of War update.

The new update EvE Online Bastion Of War will see Marauders provided with a Bastion module which will duplicate their damage output. However, it has a price of some maneuverability. This means that while they can cause more death from a more safe distance, they become immobile for quite a long duration, losing that movement for more damage. The Vargur class hull will get its own 5% bonus to sizeable projective fire rate converted to a 7.5% bonus to massive projectile damage.

Interdictors and Satis Webification Probes are also getting some love this go around. The Stasis probe gets its strength, and AOE range increased, while Interdictor ships get a ton of changes. 

The brand new patch is currently in a testing phase on EVE Online’s test server. If you wanna test it out and try your skill with the latest adjustments before going live on the central server, try it on the test server. In case you missed it, the newest quadrant update, Reign, has also been released, with changes to the Fleet Discovery tool, as well as some neat new animations for traveling among systems to spice up your moment-to-moment gameplay.

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