EVE Online Adds Back Player-Made In-Game Billboards For Players To Show off Their Creativity

EVE Online

EVE Online Brings Back Player-Made In-Game Billboards For Players To Flex Their Creativity

Prepare for the propaganda to return in EVE Online as in-game Player made Billboards are back.

Billboards are all over New Eden, from outdoors and inside of stations and near every significant stargate, pushing it so thousands of players see them every day. Unfortunately, these billboards newly have only housed in-universe ads. Still, CCP Games is once furthermore re-opening these billboards to players as portion of the EVE Online: Viridian expansion launch in June.

“Who among us hasn’t had their mouth water at the thought of enjoying some delicious Matigu Sushi or dreamed about how many FOMO pictures from a vacation to the stunning beaches of The Jade Coast of Matar booked with travel agency Sinfina Mondo would generate among friends on GalNet? In the EVE universe, publicity is power – and with this relaunch, players can once again submit ads to be featured alongside iconic New Eden brands on in-game billboards.”

While CCP Games, in their news post today, states that these in-game billboards can be utilized to promote alliances, corporations, in-game events, and more, it’ll be intriguing to see if innovative EVE players can plunge in a little piece of propaganda. The community is known for it – it’s part of the civilization of EVE Online, after all – so it’ll be entertaining watching the innovative EVE community propaganda a bit in-game. But, of course, these will be presented for endorsement by CCP as well, with the corporation stating it won’t allow any billboards to break “players’ wealth or assets in-game,” nor will they permit any to slip through that encourage EVE scams.

You can take a look at the details in the official blog post. Viridian, the first of two expansions arriving to EVE Online this year, is expected in June and desires to bring more dominion to corporations. Players will also see some incredible new graphical improvements as part of the expansion next month.

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