EVE Echoes Will Be Released This Coming August 13 Pre Registration is Available Now

EVE Echoes Will Be Released This Coming August 13, Pre Registration is Available Now. 

MMOBEEP has heard that EVE Echoes, which is the mobile version of EVE Online, which will be launching this August 13, as revealed by the team on their Twitter account.

EVE Echoes intends to bring all the complexity and player-driven drama that has made the online MMO famous over these years which will soon be transferred to a Mobile device, CCP Games has partnered with NetEase to make EVE Echoes.

The entire universe of New Eden will be inside of EVE Echoes, while there have been changes to UI and also just how the game handles as a result of the mobile element of Eve Echoes.

You can also pre-register for the launch on the official EVE Echoes website. EVE Echoes will be launching on all Mobile devices on August 13th.

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