EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest Event Arrived In The Game

EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest Event Arrived In The Game

EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest Event Arrived In The Game. 

MMOBEEP heard that Halloween has come to EVE Echoes, and it includes A Crimson Harvest event to the game.

There are seven new modules made in response to player feedback included in the latest update. There is a new Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator, Warp Scrambler, Sensor Dampening, Target Painter, and a Tracking Disruptor and Guidance Disruptor.

EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest event will be live until November 10th.

Throughout the new event, EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest Anomalies will be added to the game. These will consist of Haunted Ruins and Carnival at Cemetery. Both of them will spawn in every system in the game randomly. There will be a better chance of low-level anomalies than the intentionally rarer high-level anomalies to be generated.

The event includes four types of different Skin boxes included, with some huge discounts on some of these Skin boxes if you want to buy them. You can learn more about this new Crimson Harvest holiday event over at the official blog post here.

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