Enad Global 7 Community Update Released, Explains What EG7 Daybreak Acquisition Means For Players And The Studios Acquired


Enad Global 7 Community Update Released, Explains What EG7 Daybreak Acquisition Means For Players And The Studios Acquired.

MMOBEEP found out that Enad Global 7’s CEO and Founder, Robin Flodin, went to YouTube and the Daybreak Game Company’s official website to give players insight into the situation.

If you don’t know what this is about, it was started back in December of 2020 that Daybreak Game Company was obtained by a Swedish investment company Enad Global 7, in a contract that was about $300 million. After the acquisition, we learned a ton about Daybreak themselves. For example, the subscriber and monthly active user counts for games such as Everquest Online, DC Universe Online, H1Z1, and PlanetSide 2, and a tiny peek into the plans for these titles in the future. 

In a recent Enad Global 7 community update, Flodin discussed his origin arriving from game development and what, in particular, EG7’s purchase means for a company like Daybreak in the future as part of another company now.

“Most people know, ‘Okay – EG7 bought Daybreak,’ but what does that actually mean? Well, EG7 is really sort of an investment company. You can see we have a management layer of people that focuses on video game companies. We’re buying these companies, adding them into a group of companies with several studios and publishing and marketing. Then we are trying to make these companies better.”

In a sense, Flodin states that they are trying to make these companies friendlier under EG7 by helping them with more resources than they need. Investing in these studios and supporting them lets them grip the IP they have in different ways. In the newsletter from the Daybreak official website, Flodin guarantees fans of these titles that Daybreak and its titles are a “priority” for EG7.

“I want to assure you that this effort is a priority for me, EG7, and Daybreak. We have been listening to the community feedback and to all of your questions and concerns. This is an ongoing effort, and as we make progress, the goal is to develop specific plans to create an even better game experience for all of our players. Just know that all of us — our community, Daybreak and EG7 — are fully aligned and committed, and we all want to improve.”

Flodin discusses how their original plan was to “identify some of the most pressing pain points” that the community found and “taking immediate action.” But, he acknowledges that these types of adjustments and modifications don’t happen immediately.

Flodin states that the perspective really comes from the original plan he and the other co-founders had in mind while making EG7. Which was going to “balance making sure developers are incentivized,” manage the players of these titles, but also making sure that they are granting a step-up for the investors, specifically that EG7 is a publicly traded company.

You can take a look at the written post on the Daybreak website for more detail.

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