Embers Adrift Fixes Huge Loot Table Bugs and More, With Hopes of opening a QA Server for Current Players

Embers Adrift

Embers Adrift Fixes Major Loot Table Bugs and More, With Plans to Open QA Server to All Active Players

MMOBEEP found out that this week, Embers Adrift persists in fixing key problems, consisting of addressing crash bugs and multiple other problems. In addition, the Stormhaven Studios team is also working on starting the QA build for any current Players.

One of the important bugs they’ve fixed in this week’s update is where Mobs were one-shotting players. As well as a fix that requires separating player and NPC riposte skills, but that hasn’t been implemented yet, they’ve cruised back riposte damage temporarily as a workaround. Another problem fixed in the update is an oddity that was causing zones to periodically crash and work on fixing loot tables that weren’t dropping at the desired (and intended) rates.

When it comes to the loot table problem, the community saw that the drops didn’t seem accurate. So the team examined the code to see exactly what went wrong and had issues reproducing the problem. This type of bug is occasionally hard to pin down, as mentioned in this week’s patch notes, but they persisted on seeing what was happening.

Eventually, after much more work described in the patch notes, it became more apparent why the drops were rarely happening, suddenly stopping, and working for other players but not some. With this understanding, they confirmed the issue and set up the loot tables, so they worked as planned. The full answer is somewhat technical, but it’s worth a look if you’re interested in how game developers can occasionally narrow down a perplexing bug to fix it.

Those are the major problems seen in this week’s patch, although there are multiple works in progress and impending changes designed to be either on the QA server or coming soon this month. Access to the QA server will soon be available to all players with active accounts, and they expect to make it available this week. Some of what’s to come on the QA comprising of more riposte updates, dueling by death rolls, more bug fixes, level 30+ abilities, and more. 

Read the full notes over at Embers Adrift.

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