Elyon Temporarily Disables World Quests and RvR on All Servers While Addressing EU Server Issues


Elyon Temporarily Disables World Quests and RvR on All Servers While Addressing EU Server Issues.

MMOBEEP found that Elyon just recently had made their full release from their original headstart this last week on the 17th. Unfortunately, Elyon has gotten multiple reports of server issues and glitches. In an article on their official news website, Elyon announced that they know about the long waiting times and server lag that players in EU Servers are currently experiencing.

Since that Elyon is now free-to-play, so anyone who wants to try it out can hop in-game. But, in the EU, many players have produced large amounts of lag and lengthy queue times, which the development team is now addressing. The post, lag, and server queues are being examined as they think of the best way to lower the lag and queue times. So far, they will have World Quests, and RvR disabled on every server till the 27th.

The post matches a short tweet published late the past day, where BlueHole Studios said they would temporarily disable World Quests as the dev team acts “around the clock” to enhance performance.

To control the flow of EU players, Elyon will be putting up a 3rd server named Perseus. In addition, they wish to also momentarily disable the ability to make new characters on the Andromeda and Sagittarius servers to assure that the players on the server will have less lag due to not having to deal with the large number of players trying to play the game.

So far, Elyon has reached approximately 15 thousand concurrent players in Steam, as shown on steamdb

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