Elite Dangerous released a fix for weapons engineering trying to mitigate material farm


Elite Dangerous released a fix for weapons engineering trying to mitigate material farm.

MMOBEEP found that the amount of materials needed to create weapons in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has been lowered in the newest patch released into the game

According to the patch notes, the ingredients not required in some particular recipes were excluded, and weapon engineering recipe numbers have been fixed. These issues influenced the accuracy, headshot damage, and weapon range adjustments of different weapons.

Based on a dev’s response in the thread, the concept is to lighten concerns about material requirements by posting the ingredients correctly. As for particular balance adjustments for the influenced mods, another reply implies that the modifications would be too long-drawn to itemize since they change several modifications of different weapons beyond all manufacturers.

The thread got many responses from players, demanding that material demands for engineering and suit and weapon upgrading be decreased significantly, while other players are requesting that weapon engineering mods be detachable and swappable. As before, if you wanted to combine brand new mods to the same kind of weapon, you had to purchase a different weapon.

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