Elite Dangerous Odyssey has been released on May 19


Elite Dangerous Odyssey has been released on May 19.

MMOBEEP found out that Elite Dangerous Odyssey was released for a PC release on May 19.

The newest expansion for Elite Dangerous will see players land on various planets for the first time. This expansion takes its first-person gameplay and supplements several brand new mission types, first-person shooter gameplay, and a bunch of exploration, compensating those explorers out there looking to make their mark.

David Braben, Frontier’s CEO, and founder stated in a press release,

“This is the next step in what has already been an incredible journey and labor of love with Elite Dangerous since the Kickstarter over eight years ago. The team has pulled off a fantastic achievement here across a mind-bending scale – from the detail within a human footprint to the vast distances across stellar systems and beyond is breathtaking, in a rich, detailed, and accurate recreation of the Milky Way in 1:1 scale. For me, it is not just the detailed exploration and combat, but the gothic beauty of watching stars, planets, moons, moons-of-moons rise and Fall or slowly pirouette in their often complex paths in the night sky, while each tiny dot or nebula in that sky is there and can be visited.”

You’ll be able to get an Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC via FrontierStore.netSteam, and the Epic Games Store for £29.99/$39.99/€34.99. There’s also a Deluxe Edition valued at £34.99/$44.99/€39.99, involving the soundtrack.

If you’re contemplating playing Odyssey on consoles, you might wanna anticipate its launch this Fall. Keep in mind. Though, Odyssey and Horizons players will be severed until Odyssey launches on consoles.

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