Elder Scrolls Online Update 31 And Waking Flame DLC Delayed On Consoles By A Week


Elder Scrolls Online Update 31 And Waking Flame DLC Delayed On Consoles By A Week.

ZeniMax Online Studios has postponed its imminent Update 31 and the Waking Flame DLC for Elder Scrolls Online on consoles by about a week. Due to the delay, the DLC and update will be launched on September 8. However, the PC, Mac, and Stadia launches remain firm, arriving on the platforms on August 23.

ZeniMax made the news today on their website, indicating a desire to relieve stress on the team and a necessity to guarantee that the build is as steady as possible. In addition, the delay by a week should, according to ZOS, release more pressure to “better focus on each release.”

“To ensure a smooth and stable launch, we have made the decision to move back the release date of The Elder Scrolls Online: Waking Flame and Update 31 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 to September 8. By separating our PC/Mac/Stadia and console releases by an additional week, we hope to publish a more stable build, potentially allowing us to include additional fixes before the new content goes live. This change will also help alleviate stress on some of our support teams, focusing on each release better. Note the Waking Flame and Update 31 release dates on PC/Mac/Stadia will remain August 23.”

This isn’t the first time ZeniMax has delayed the console release to put additional time among other platforms’ launch windows. Earlier this summer, Elder Scrolls Online’s Enhanced Edition for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles were delayed an extra week to guarantee that both the PC/console release of the Chapter was stable as possible but also assure that the Enhanced Edition launched without adding more further stress onto the team itself if any problems did occur.

Waking Flame has stayed on the PTS state on PC for a while now, and ZeniMax recently released a round of fixes to make the build a bit more stable before launch. Additionally, it was stated that ESO would be receiving further graphical changes with Update 31, including HDR on consoles. 

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