Elder Scrolls Online Update 28 Fix Patch For PC And Consoles Upcoming

Elder Scrolls Online Update 28 Fix Patch For PC And Consoles Upcoming

Elder Scrolls Online Update 28 Fix Patch For PC And Consoles Upcoming.

Elder Scrolls Online newest update, “Update 28”, received a ton of complaints from the players because, according to considerable amounts of tweets from the game’s official account, a bunch of players on both PC and Consoles are having multiple “game crashes” also other problems. That said, the same tweet promises that an Update 28 Fix Patch is coming.

The fixes for the pile of bugs and problems in question are set to be released on December 7th for PC and on December 9th for the console, and will, of course, have the fixes for the frequent crashes happening for players, refunds for missing skill points, and some other spots. 

Even with all of these problems and bugs, the Undaunted event, which most players can remember was delayed, it will go on, as usual. It has already started on Thursday, December 3rd, so you better get on if you can. 

Phantasy Online 2 Preparing For New Update Campaigns This Coming November 25

MMOBEEP heard that for those who play Phantasy Star Online 2 if you are worrying that your too low level for the upcoming Episode 6 update, fear not: There’s a new campaign launching which goal is to help level up players to the level they have to be to properly play/explore the upcoming episode.

If you finish some specific quests after November 25th you for sure get a free 15 Star weapon and free 12 Star units, and a Mesata-free Enhancement and boosters which make adjusting gear much more easier starting on November 25th.

There will also be some extra badges for finishing important Quests, XP and rare drop rate boosts for specific quests, daily login rewards, and bonuses for those returning after a break from the game.

It will start after the maintenance on Wednesday, November 25th. There are also some specific details for players to read because it talks about all of the boosting events, so make sure to look through the links at the campaign’s landing page for all of the details.

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