Elder Scrolls Online The Imperial City Celebration With PvP And PvE Bonus Rewards.

Elder Scrolls Online The Imperial City Celebration With PvP And PvE Bonus Rewards.  

Elder Scrolls Online is currently going to commemorate the Imperial City of the game’s fiction by having people fight Daedra and each other. That’s an odd way to celebrate things, yet it’s not strange enough to stop the creation of an important event that gives extra rewards for taking Imperial City-themed obstacles face on.

Through September 3rd and September 15th, players can get rewards boosts for either dealing with the Imperial City PvP zone or taking on the White-Gold Tower as well as Imperial City dungeon. Prizes consist of double Tel Var Stone and critical pieces, the Stonefire Scamp pet and the Soul-Shriven skin, and also a bonus offer loot from Trove Scamps, Cunning Scamps, and dungeon Bosses.

There will be an Imperial City district daily missions that will reward a Legion Zero Strongbox filled with rewards. A Glorious version of the strongbox offered for the first completion of these daily missions, as well as players, can earn event tickets that can be used to acquire even more things from the Impresario.

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