Elder Scrolls Online Markarth Expansion And Update 28 Available On PC/MAC

Elder Scrolls Online Markarth Expansion

Elder Scrolls Online Markarth Expansion And Update 28 Available On PC/MAC. 

The new official launch of the Elder Scrolls Online Markarth Expansion and Update 28 is currently available on PC, Mac, and Stadia. It is a continuation/part of the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. The DLC includes two new locations the Reach, Arkthzand Caverns, and even the Arkthzand Caverns underground Markart.

Players will have to battle the Gray Host and can also explore the single-player Vateshran Hollows Arena. Even if you didn’t sub or pay for the DLC, you are still going to get them to enjoy the “Update 28”, which tweaks crafting and Includes the item set collection system. Also, just to note, Console players will have to wait until November 10th for the update and DLC.

“With Update 28, you can now add lots of ESO’s item sets to your Collections UI and recreate them at the cost of Transmutation Crystals from any Transmutation Station (like the one found in Clockwork City). Collected sets can be found within your Collections UI under the new “Sets” section. This new system will allow players to free up much-needed inventory, bank, or vault space since almost every set in Tamriel (except for crafted ones) can now be safely “stored” in Collections.”

Bellow, you can watch Elder Scrolls Online Markarth Expansion Trailer

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