Elder Scrolls Online Inventory Bug and NPC Sell Issues Are Investigated by Zenimax


Elder Scrolls Online Inventory Bug and NPC Sell Issues Are Investigated by Zenimax.

Elder Scrolls Online seems to be experiencing some inventory scrolling and selling problems. Nevertheless, it looks like Zenimax Online Studios is conscious and is looking into the problems.

The first problem appears to affect the actual selling of inventory items to NPC merchants. When you market an item to a merchant, it’s still in your inventory. If you continue clicking on it to sell it, you might end up selling your entire inventory.

This is quite a big deal, with various other players reporting that they encountered the very issue. ZOS replied, stating that they are investigating the problem since April 21. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to be the only problem concerning inventory.

As a poster stated on that thread, the problem appears to affect Xbox and PS4. But there’s also another problem stopping you from scrolling in your backpack. This problem also has its thread with the original post saying,

“The Sell screen in the guild store now does not allow scrolling, making it impossible to list items without typing the name. Selling items to the merchant doesn’t remove them from the screen. It sells, but it still appears there, making it very confusing to anyone who can’t see what the game is doing.”

ZOS notes again that they’re conscious of the Elder Scrolls Online Inventory bug issue because of player reports and are investigating as of April 21. If you’re encountering either of these problems in Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to let Zenimax know on the associated threads listed above.

These problems lead to the launch of Blackwood being delayed till June. ZOS has ramped up marketing for that chapter, latterly introducing us to one of the companions as a portion of the brand new Companion System. Also, if you have access to the PTS, Blackwood is live there for you to experiment.

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