Elder Scrolls Online Endeavors System Released, As A New Alternative To Obtain Crown Crate Items


Elder Scrolls Online Endeavors System Released, As A New Alternative To Obtain Crown Crate Items.

The highly-awaited Elder Scrolls Online Endeavors System has recently been released. The brand new system is a part of Update 30, the newest free base game update. It gives players a new alternative in acquiring Crown Crate items without utilizing premium currency through a brand new reward track. Here’s how it works:

“Endeavors are concise daily and weekly tasks that can reward basic items (such as gold or experience) in addition to the new Seals of Endeavor currency. This new currency will allow you to acquire any of the collectibles or items from currently available Crown Crates in the Seals section of the in-game Crown Store. Thus, for the first time, you can now earn those rare and exquisite items only found in Crown Crates via in-game activity.”

Endeavors emphasize a variety of open-world tasks which can be found and tracked through the Activity Finder menu. The brand new rewards system also starts alongside the new Crown Crate season, starring Iron Atronachs-themed items such as the Iron Atronach Shield style, the Iron Atronach Wolf mount, and the Iron Atronach polymorph and Knight Aspirant armor sets.

Players also have the opportunity to obtain an extremely rare mount from Iron Atronach crates. These mounts consist of the Viridian Iron Steed mount, the Sunflare Iron Wolf mount, and the Black Forge Iron Senche mount.

“A volcanic realm drifts silently through the void of Oblivion. Impossibly dense and boiling with malice, this molten hellscape produces only one thing in abundance: Iron Atronachs—towering behemoths driven by a relentless appetite for destruction. Yet, at the same time, few conjurers dare to call upon these titans, those that do gain powerful servants… or a gruesome death.

Do you have the strength to tame these colossi? Then, summon up your iron will and claim these spoils of Oblivion for your own!”

More details can be located on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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