Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed That The 12-Player Group Limit Was Done Due to Performance Reasons


Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed That The 12-Player Group Limit Was Done Due to Performance Reason.

The reason for the 12-player group border has been announced by Elder Scrolls Online Community Manager Gina Bruno. In the newest forum post, she validated the main factor here is, as most suspected, performance.

The forum thread first appeared last month, questioning this 12-player group limit. Several commenters guessed the reason behind this boundary must because of performance. Last week, Gina Bruno got on the thread and validated what the community had been speculating for some time,

“As some of you have guessed, this change ultimately comes down to performance. We’ve been continually looking at ways to improve performance and stability across the game. We found that reducing the group size was an effective way to ensure fewer situations where you hit critical memory. Additionally, there’s a fair amount of data that has to be exchanged on the backend for every person in your group. By limiting the group size to 12, we’re introducing additional performance gains.”

Responses have been expectedly mixed. Some seem to know the thought behind this limit. Others are perceiving that this boundary puts an actual hamper on some guild projects like tours,

“This is going to be so difficult during Guild Housing Tours. We already need to split the group when we move to the 12 person houses, but we use group chat to communicate where there is space for the next person to visit. I can’t even imagine it as well with the six-person houses.”

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