Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood Event Last Tier Will Reward Players With FREE Deadlands DLC

Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood

Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood Event Last Tier Will Reward Players With FREE Deadlands DLC.

Elder Scrolls Online has recently revealed the last tier award for the Bounties of Blackwood event, which turns out to be free access to the Deadlands Expansion when it is released next month on November 1.

The event is currently live and is scheduled to continue till October 12. After that, it’s public to the people who already have the newest chapter and can enter the Blackwood areas to partake. The community has already struck 34% and obtained the Pellucid Swamp Jelly pet, which required 33% completion. 

The following Tier is at 66%, which will be the Shadows of Blackwood signings for each hero. And at 100%, it’s the Deadlands DLC for free, including the Blackwood Bounty loot boxes on November 1. The box can carry unique items and assortments but is confirmed to give an attunable crafting station and Ogrim target dummy.

Considering the current Blackwood Bounties event is public to the people with the newest chapter, With 19 million collective players having played on ESO since launch, it also appears to be like a thank you to the community’s consecutive care of the game. With a yearlong story arriving soon.

With the event only starting yesterday at 10 am Eastern, the community is going fast and aiming to get every award. The news today added fuel to the fire that drives them forward. The event will end once the community gets to 100%, and I wouldn’t be so shocked that the community will reach 100% before the October 12 deadline.

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