Elder Scrolls Blades Moving to Full Release with Update 1.7

The Elder Scrolls’ mobile spin-off Elder Scrolls Blades will quickly be moving out of Early Access and will enter full release with Update 1.7. The update will not only mark the completion of the game’s Early Access but it will also certainly introduce Guild leader boards, 6 new missions, as well as a new PvP arena theme quest line.

“In these Arena quests, you’ll battle through a gauntlet of progressively stronger opponents leading up to the Grand Champion.
As you vanquish foe after foe, you’ll earn Gold, Chests and perhaps even the
coveted Grand Champion Sword and Helm, if you prove yourself worthy!”

People that participated in the Early Access up until the update is actually released will certainly receive a special reward. The PvP leader boards will have to be reset as well and prizes will be offered based on the gamer’s Arena level. A special helm will be up for grabs for those at the top of the rankings.

ZeniMax Online Studios has not given a confirmed date, or a window, for the update’s launch. The game will be on released on iOS, Android, and also Nintendo Switch. Head over to the Elder Scrolls Blades main site to find out more. Also you can read more MMORPG news on MMOBEEP as well.

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