Elder Scroll Online Releases A New Final Patch This Year Dark Heart Of Skyrim

Elder Scroll Online Releases A New Final Patch This Year Dark Heart Of Skyrim.  

ZOS has revealed the final patch in their year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim for Elder Scrolls Online, which had started earlier this year and also will end very quickly.

The significant phase was Greymoor, which took us to the western part of Skyrim. This new DLC will take us to Markarth, a city in the Reach region of Skyrim, situated in the southwest of Solitude, which was included in Greymoor.

The new DLC will offer a unique story that connects to the Dark Heart of Skyrim’s larger story. This new zone additionally brings a brand-new solo sector. The release date is scheduled for November 2 on PC and Mac, and also November 10 for PS5 and Xbox One. Suppose you’re an ESO And also a member. Additionally, the Beginning mission for Markarth will be free now in the Crown Store.

A new event is scheduled to begin the following week called the Lost Treasure of Skyrim. You’ll be tasked with unlocking their rates of collectible rewards, which include new cosmetics, a new pet, a new house, and also houseguests. You can get these rewards making use of the Antiquities system presented previously this year.

Additional events slated for the rest of the year include:

  • Lost Treasures of Skyrim (September 23-October 5)
  • Witches Festival (October 22-November 3)
  • Undaunted Celebration (November 25-December 12)
  • New Life Festival (December 21-January 2, 2021)
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