Eight Years Celebration of TERA Adds More Chupathingies

Eight Years Celebration of TERA Adds More Chupathingies in the latest news

En Masse Entertainment is commemorating eight years of TERA the means just TERA can, with extra adorable pets.

Starting today and also proceeding through June 2, some chosen dungeons’ last Boss will reward Chupatokens, which can be used to get Chupathingy pets that have the capability to auto-loot. The total listing of dungeons, as well as extra items that you can purchase with Chupatokens, can be located on the TERA discussion forums. You can also receive a Chupatoken as a login reward every day throughout the event duration.

There are additionally various other unique events occurring every weekend throughout the month, each of which boosts drop rates of items of XP gains from specific types of content. On the last weekend, May 29-31, all benefits will be turned on. Learn extra regarding all the month’s celebration anniversary events on the TERA website.

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