E3 2023 Digital Dates Announced, Industry Registration Are now Available

e3 2023

MMOBEEP found out that the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is trying a comeback in 2023 after withdrawing 2022’s show completely. The brand-new organizers of the event, ReedPop, revealed this morning that enrollment for industry specialists is now available while also revealing some of their Digital Showcase projects for the impending hybrid event.

E3 2023 seeks to be both a tentpole digital and in-person occasion on the gaming calendar, though queries have been distributed about the event since it was revealed to come back this year. Despite this, E3 organizer ReedPop has revealed the digital days and its show floor schedule. In addition, the organizer seeks to deliver an “improved show experience for all attendees,” based on this morning’s press release.

First, on the digital side of things. E3 2023’s Digital Week will start on Sunday, June 11th, with different press briefings, and more spectators have grown habituated to seeing it in June. Initially, part of E3 seems to be the Future Games Show, the PC Gaming Show, and the Black Voices in Gaming showcase. We also know Microsoft and Bethesda will be having their occasion on June 11th, though, as usual, the tech giant’s press briefing is different from E3. ReedPop notes that they will reveal the full schedule of these and independent conferences “in the coming weeks.”

E3 has long been an industry-focused trade show concerning the physical occasion itself. However, before the Pandemic stopped things in its previous few years, E3 had begun marketing public passes to allow gamers to attend the show. This trend persists, though E3 is handling cues from its European counterpart, Gamescom, by hosting both Industry-only days and days the show is open to the public, diverging the working days for industry from fan days. 

Industry-only days will be June 13th-15th, providing publishers, devs, media, and more the opportunity to work, meet, and more throughout the show without the excess masses the public will bring to bear. In addition, Gamer Days will happen Thursday, June 15th, and Friday, June 16th.

We still need to discover how many big-name publishers will appear at this year’s expo, though we know that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will not have a stall presence at the trade show. Ubisoft baffled many out there by saying that “if” E3 happened, they’d be there (only for them to confirm that they will be later on), but other than that, we’re not entirely sure just how many triple-A publishers will be there. E3 was already encountering a relevance question coaching into the Pandemic, especially with so many publishers and studios going straightforward to fans with news and announcements year-round with Twitch streams, self-contained showcases, and more. 

ReedPop says that an entire exhibitor list will be made known leading up to the show, but until then, it’s an effective unknown just how appropriate the show will be in 2023.

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