Dual Universe Ares Update It’s Live, Less Than A Month After It Was Shown On The Roadmap


Dual Universe Ares Update It’s Live, Less Than A Month After It Was Shown On The Roadmap.

MMOBEEP found that Dual Universe developer Novaquark recently showed plans for the Ares update, but players didn’t have to wait long as the update was released recently. The PvP-centric update introduces four all-brand new features and a long list of changes.

One of the brand new PvP additions introduces “core combat stress,” giving weapons a brand new way to kill your enemies. But, of course, if you want to counter that, you’ll presumably be interested in an enriched feature, Shields v2. These brand new shields now have flexible resistance and venting, which implies that players have a choice in the shield’s stats.

As far as changes go, warp drives have been revamped due to player feedback. In conclusion, warp speed has been decreased. In addition, cooldown time has been raised, and other changes have been made. Another change is the docking and boarding overhaul, which lets players manage their ship’s boarding.

Those who would like more info can take a look at the dev blogthe patch notes, or the video below…

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