Donkey Crew Releases Last Oasis Volcanic Part 2 Shows 2020 Roadmap

Donkey Crew Releases Last Oasis Volcanic Part 2 Shows 2020 Roadmap. 

MMOBEEP heard that the 2nd part of the Last Oasis Volcanic update is currently live in the post-apocalyptic survival MMO. If you’ll recall, Donkey Crew turned out the first part of the update near the end of June, which presented a brand-new lava-filled volcanic zone with volcanic rock mazes. This time around, the programmers gave lava fuel, hose stations, fireproof walkers, brand-new walker wings, as well as a plague mask-inspired gas mask.

The team also presented their roadmap for the remainder of 2020, which includes a Business themed update that will undoubtedly add even more trading and economy systems to sustain players that would instead make use of Flots than battle. The designers also plan to include ancient ruins and caverns where players will certainly be able to restore valuable relics as well as loot.

Donkey Crew additionally released its latest community Q&A stream, where they talk about the job being done on brand-new points of interest, clan authorizations, upgrade tempo, PvE, and also PvP content, the cosmetics shop, and a lot more.

You’ll discover the complete Q&A stream below right after the main trailer for Component 2 of the Volcanic Update.

You can additionally head over to the Last Oasis Steam Comunity Web page for a lot more information.

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