Diablo Immortal Will Be Recieving More Dynamic Events, an In-Game Calendar, As Well As Some More PvP Content

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Will Be Recieving More Dynamic Events, an In-Game Calendar, As Well As Some More PvP Content.

MMOBEEP discovered that the newest Diablo Immortal Q&A answers some Fan questions regarding improvements, class balancing, when brand-new PVP content will drop, and more.

The brand-new entry is shorter than the previous one, but there’s some fascinating info here. Running out of Inventory space is an all too common problem. The devs understand this as a request for more Stash space, pile up and say they’re working on this.

 It’s legible, given the number of items in an ARPG, and having sufficient storage space is extremely helpful in a game where you can customize and modify your classes and class sets more freely. Diablo Immortal is this, allowing you to try out roles and classes without retaining to make a brand-new alt for everything you want to try.

We know that the team is trying new PVP content. There is no specific info on what they are, but it is reasonable to assume that we will hear more before too long. “We have a few avenues we’re considering and will have more details for you about new modes in the future,” says the update.

Class balance also gets a word, with a query about whether different classes will get a similar pass after tweaks to the Monk. But, again, they’re not dedicating to anything outside keeping an eye on classes and “evaluating for potential change,” as they maintain an eye on class health and balance, as well as, likely, the meta. 

This Q&A also indicates that we’re getting an in-game calendar feature eventually. This will detail the current and upcoming events in Diablo Immortal. They’re also researching the potential of more dynamic events after the Fractured Plane. Finally, in reply to a community question, more events that present brand-new content and put a renewed spin on Diablo Immortal’s systems Are some things they are looking to study further. 

You can take a look at the full Q&A over at Diablo immortal.

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