Destiny 2 Testing New Capture Zone Mode While Continuing Tweaking Trials of Osiris


Destiny 2 Testing New Capture Zone Mode While Continuing Tweaking Trials of Osiris.

 Destiny 2’s brand new newsletter is once more about the various changes being done to Trials. Last weekend marked the game mode’s first playtesting, highlighting a game type named Capture Zone. This mode is comparable to Elimination, but players can win by killing the rival team like usual or instead by capturing a zone. In the center of the map on the opening round, this zone then spawns at random points in consecutive rounds.

The Trials of Osiris continue to get more changes. The devs are observing the win/loss percentages for solo players and ensure that queue times are low and the amount of competitive games is significant. Overall, most of these goals have already been sufficed in the first two weeks. However, improvements are still occurring in week three, like starting a Flawless pool for players that get five wins in a row to battle among themselves, stopping special ammo from being restocked when revived, and making Masterwork slots effective for weapons derived from the reputation rank reward track.

As an additional notice, the Trials will be disabled on Thursday, October 8th, to give way for the Iron Banner.

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