Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Event Is Approaching

Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Event Approaching. 

Destiny 2 players can go back to the European Aerial Zone to look for challenges as well as rewards, and also honor the sacrifices of Guardians. The Solstice of Heroes annual event returns on August 11, bringing Eva back to the tower where players can gather to commemorate. As was previously stated, the EAZ is back, and also players can fight the Hive, Cabal, and Fallen in a three-player matchmade activity. Once they’ve defeated the bad guys, the EAZ is theirs to explore in search of the rewards. The search will not be easy though. cause there are still many bosses to kill.

Players will be rewarded for their participation in the Solstice of Heroes event with the Elements of Honor shield, in addition to Solstice’s key fragments. The fragments can be gathered and also be used to open bundles containing a wide variety of equipment and even armor upgrades.

As some extra treats, Bungie has added some trendy cosmetics. And also, Bungie is awarding all players who finish The Solstice begins a quest with a free song track.

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