Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges Coming With The New Season Of The Chosen


Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges Coming With The New Season Of The Chosen. 

There will be a brand new season coming next week to Destiny 2. Last week, Bungie discussed the reappearance of Umbral Engrams. This week’s blog post centers around another effort to decrease FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, in the way of Seasonal Challenges.

This brand new proposal is intended to make it easier for every player to understand and experience the season’s seasonal content, giving Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges their own page with weekly challenges (throughout week 10) that are easier to track. They can be finished any time after they start, indicating that you can even take three weeks off not playing and will still be able to do the challenges from the weeks you weren’t on. Weekly bounties from vendors are also being discarded as part of the transition, and “roughly 60%” of Seasonal Challenges will not require the Season Pass.

Bright Dust is also being developed into Seasonal Challenges, with per strike, Crucible, and Gambit Seasonal Challenge giving 75 to 300 Dust. You may also receive 120 Bright Dust for each ritual vendor challenge and a whopping 4,000 Bright Dust “if you finished (nearly) all of the Seasonal Challenges.”

The rest of the post discusses the changes to recoil, coming with crossplay following this year, as well as the multitude of buffs and nerfs coming with the new season. Also, the Crimson Days holiday will not be repeating in February.

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