Destiny 2 Guardian Games are back on April 20 with changed scoring and a new playlist


Destiny 2 Guardian Games are back on April 20 with changed scoring and a new playlist.

Destiny 2 just got more competitive because the Guardian Games will be returning on Tuesday, April 20th.

Those who didn’t know how this event went last time, the Guardian Games is basically an Olympics for the shooter’s three classes. Players have to wear particular gear, get Laurels to obtain event-specific bounties and tasks, and achieve those tasks to get medals that can then be turned in to improve a class’s ranking in the tournament.

This year’s competition will have some brand new things. First, there’s a modification to the way the scoring UI works that eschew the class-weighted scoring scheme for one that lets all classes get points and presents a permanent 10% bonus on scoring for the class that comes in third place each day. Secondly, the event will highlight a brand new Guardian Games Strikes playlist that goes like a regular Vanguard Strike playlist but draws together fireteams of the same class and grants some Laurels. It will also be combining positive and negative modifiers based on each class’s rank from the past day.

This year, some brand new rewards, such as a brand new exotic Sparrow, some brand new emblems and some shaders, and brand new rewards in the Eververse in-game store. Moreover, the Heir Apparent exotic weapon is back, while those who received the weapon can pursue its brand new catalyst.

The games are starting on April 20th and end on May 11th. There’s an event landing page with guides, info, and screenshots. Check also the trailer below.

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