Destiny 2 Expansion Beyond Light Will launch This November And Pre-orders Are Available

Destiny 2 Expansion Beyond Light Will launch This November, And Pre-orders Are Available.

Destiny 2’s Year 4 expansion, Beyond Light, is scheduled to release on November 10, which means it’s pre-order time. To give rare items, and to give players even more info on the new expansion, Bungie has released the Beyond Light Hub on their website to provide information on the story, the map, and more.

They have also launched a new trailer, which can be seen below as well as web links to the various pre-order choices that are currently available.

If you’re intending on pre-ordering Beyond Light, you’ll have a couple of choices:

  • Standard Edition: $40
    • Expansion
    • Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell
    • Legendary Emblem
  • Standard Edition + Season Pass: $50
    • Standard Edition Items
    • Season Pass Content access
    • Stranger’s Weapon Pack
  • Deluxe Digital: $70
    • Standard Edition Items
    • Freeze Tag Exotic Emote
    • Stranger’s Weapon Pack
    • Stranger’s Upgrade Pack
  • Stranger Edition: $130
    • Deluxe Digital Items
    • Guardian Statue from Numskull Designs
  • Collector’s Edition: $200
    • Standard Edition Items
    • Exotic Freeze Tag Emote
    • Destiny 2: Beyond Light Digital Soundtrack
    • Stranger’s Weapon Pack
    • Stranger’s Upgrade Pack
    • Die-Cast Splinter of Darkness Replica With Lights (Physical Item)
    • Europa Explorer’s Bag (Physical Item)
    • Europa Exploration Canteen (Physical Item)
    • Mysterious Logbook (Physical Item)
    • Exclusive CE Emblems

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, it is vital to note that Beyond Light will consist of your service when it launches. If you still want all the extra rewards, you’ll have to pre-order.

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