Destiny 2 Beyond Light Has Some Interesting Changes Coming With


Destiny 2 Beyond Light Has Some Interesting Changes Coming With.

As we have said before, Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion is going to be changing some stuff with the game. Earlier this month, there were some armor mod changes, and now this week’s Bungie post, we got a sneak peek at the new weapon changes. The post first talks about some upcoming adjustments coming to weapon types, with these adjustments mostly focused on Crucible.

These new changes include adjustments to hand cannon sub-families (specifically Aggressive, Adaptive, Precision, and Lightweight, which was folded into Adaptive). 

Aim to assist adjustments depending on the sniper rifle scope zoom level, a slight drawing back the Adaptive buff, which was used for auto rifles, as well as an increase in back-ups for rocket launchers. 

The post also talks about some upcoming tweaks to the Outlaw and Merciless perks and several other specific exotic weapons.

Finally, there is some info on the return of Adept weapons to Trials, with all existing Trials weapons getting Adept versions. To earn these upcoming weapons and the Adept weapon mods, players will have to open the Lighthouse’s Flawless chest. You can do that by reaching a Flawless Trials Passage. A new Adept weapon mod can be dropped from the chest every week, while Adept weapons are available every week, sometimes changing with armor drops. Also, Adept weapons will be on a set rotation so that players can chase different rolls of specific Adept weapons over any given weekend.

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