Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion will release later today

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion will release later today.

Bungie had provided a peek at the maintenance schedule on their official site yesterday due to Update getting released. Maintenance began at 3:30 pm PST yesterday in the afternoon. At 4:30 pm PST, players were kicked out from activities, and they could download the new update. At 6:50 pm, any attempt to login on for Destiny 2 will be disabled before 7 pm. The downtime is expected to last until 9 am PST on November 10.

At this time, the new update and Beyond Light Expansion will be available on all platforms and regions, with the maintenance stopping at 12 pm PST on November 10 (today).

Here are the sizes of the downloads for each platform:


Destiny 2 Install Size

Storage Space Needed for Installation

Xbox Series X|S

65.7 GB


PlayStation 5

70.78 GB

70.78 GB

PlayStation 4

70.78 GB

171.68 GB

Xbox One

65.7 GB

65.7 GB


69.7 GB

186.2 GB

You can take a look at the Beyond Light launch trailer below just in case you haven’t:

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